Free Consignment Service

“The area where you can transfer your beloved products to extend your fruitful investment.”
The free area where you can sell your luxury products for free! No extra charge or any charges whether a bag, a watch, a scarf etc. Just bring your product to our shop, then we will estimate the approximate cost and if the product is sold out, the customer could get the money instantly. Our special deal provides the minimum range of selling just only 15 days, if the product has not been taken, the customer could immediately take it back. If you are looking for the area to deliver brand name goods, you can count on our selling service of Moppet Brandname. Guarantee the reliability from more than 10,000 items have been used our selling service, every items in our shop take a good care as if they’re our properties preventing disappearing unexpectedly. Moreover, selling your luxury items here no need to worry about the photo production just grab it here and take money right away.

Follow these 3 steps

Online : Send your products via Line official   and indicate the purchasing year, the goods condition, flaws and the accessories.
Shop : Access all items at Moppet Brandmane, Siam Square One, 3rd floor.

Once the customer agrees with the price, please bring the following documents directly to our shop.
• Copy of identification card.
• Copy of household registration.

Step 3
When the product is sold out, the customer can take money right away.

For the provincial customers

Send your selling product via parcel.

Attach these following documents with the parcel :
• Completed consignment contract via parcel.
• Copy of identification card.
• Copy of household registration.
• A photo of consignor and the product sending through  Line official : @moppet_brandname  

Note :
• Consignment via our shop, the minimum of 15 days.
• Consignment via our parcel, the minimum of 30 days.
• In case of the customer would like to return the product, the notification must be made within 5 days before.
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