Tips for pledging or selling your designer bags.

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Tips for pledging  or selling your designer bags.

Selling your secondhand bags is easy. But before beginning the selling process, today MOPPET BRANDNAME has 3 simple and useful tips before you sell your beloved designer bags.
1. Make sure you clear all of your bags of all the belongings.
You have to remove all of your belongings, including those of the pieces that may fall into the corners or in the zipped compartment. Even though the buyer will like to get your designer bags, they don’t like the feeling of using a hand me down. Therefore, don’t forget to remove your belonging in the bags.
2. Clean your designer bags appropriately.
Your designer bags will sell at a good price if it is in a clean and good condition. O course, bags cleaning is important. But proper cleaning is even more important, especially, it is a soft leather bags. Using a cleaning fluid may cause damage, thus, it should be wipe with a damp cloth. For the interior of the bags, remove all items, debris, paper scraps, and then wipe off the dirt.
3. Certificate of Authenticity or Cash Receipt
Whether it's a Chanel or a Gucci bags, these designer handbag usually comes with a certificate of authenticity. Therefore, you should keep it safely. If you cannot find it, the cash receipt of the bags can be used as well. Having these types of records will make it easier for you to sell your designer bags, because you will not need other complicated methods to authenticate that it is genuine.
And once you have cleaned your beautiful designer bags and prepared the certificate of authenticity, please visit us at MOPPET BRANDNAME.
This is our process works.
Our appraiser will review and evaluate your designer handbag.  If you want to sell it immediately, we negotiate for agreement with you on the price.  But if you do not want to sell, we also have an option of accepting a pledge of your designer bags as well.  Your designer bags will be accepted as collateral. In this case, our experts will give you detailed instructions and conditions.  Therefore, whether you intend to sell or just pledge you can be sure of leaving the shop with the cash in hand :).

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