Things that unbelievably effect the sale of “secondhand brand-named bag” !!!

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Things that unbelievably effect the sale of “secondhand brand-named bag” !!!

Buying brand-named bag is one type of investment since its value is always high no matter how long the time goes by.

Moppet Brandname as an expert on sale and purchase secondhand brand-named bag, we notice things that the former owner may overlook, which cause the bag to be sold in the not-so-good price. However, don’t worry because this article, we will share you a tip on things that you should not do before selling your brand- named bag.

#1: Put in too much stuff

We are usually not aware that we put too much of our stuff in the bag, from the cosmetic, mobile phone, wallet, bottle of water, to tablet. We will come to our sense when we start to get our arm or shoulder hurt. Heavy weight is not just bad for your body, but also hurts your brand-named bag by making it misshape or make its term of use shorter than it should.

Solution is to “Clear them out, girl.”

We know you cannot clear everything in your bag, but there must be a couple things that you do not need to carry or can be hold separately. But in case you can’t figure which things to clear out, what you should do is change to carry a bigger bag instead. Girls, you can look up for new bag on website

#2: Misuse the bag

Each and every one of the brand-named bag is designed delicately and carefully to fit for the most benefit of customer’s usage. For example, the bag carrying on shoulder normally has liner inside its strap in order to prevent your shoulder from getting cut etc. Besides from getting hurt, misusing the bag will make luxury brand-named bag does not seem as expensive as its value.
Solution is to “Carefully change the way of holding it.”

If you are not sure whether which bag should be held or carried, don’t be shy to ask the staff before purchase. Or if you knew that you get used to hold it in the wrong way, you can carefully try to change your behavior which may take a few days until you get used to it, but you will come around!

#3: Stain from cosmetic, snack or ink

Another factor used to estimate the price of secondhand brand-named bag is the inside of the bag. Therefore, if there is any stain from foundation, snack, ink or any other stain, your bag might be sold in the not-so-good price. And let me remind you that these kinds of stain are not easily removed, girls.

Solution is to “Put stuff in a small bag neatly before put in the brand-named bag.”

In order to prevent these kinds of stain, you should put the cosmetics, pens or snack in package, plastic bag or small bag first before put it in your brand-named bag once more instead of put them in the bag directly. Not only it will prevent the bag from getting dirty, but it’s also easier to find stuff in the bag (we both know that, sometime girls’ bag can be more messy than guys’ bedroom.)

And finally, if you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to ask us right away because Moppet Brandname is more than welcome to assist you on questions regarding secondhand brand-named bag! You can contact us at website or Line ID: @moppet_brandname

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